About US

About US

About UBSA

UBSA Pharma Industries’ manufacturing facility, situated as the first pharmaceutical establishment in northern Lebanon, features an exceptionally proficient and motivated workforce. Our team is highly skilled and deeply committed to ensuring your well-being, prioritizing your health and safety, and providing you with high-quality products. Our ultimate objective is to lead the pharmaceutical industry in Lebanon.

ECO Friendly
Water Recycling
Women Empowerment

Our Vision​

Our vision is to position the Lebanese pharmaceutical sector as a global leader in cutting-edge and innovative healthcare solutions. We aspire to excel in product innovation, private labeling, and the development of alliances and collaborations that promote healthcare accessibility and excellence on a global scale.

Our Mission​

Our mission is to enhance healthcare through innovation. We aim to promote quality and excellence in the Lebanese pharmaceutical sector, where we lead the way in cutting-edge R&D.

Our Advantages

Eco-friendly buildings

To prioritize sustainability and energy efficiency.

Solar Energy Integration

To contribute to a cleaner and more sustainable future.

Highly Skilled Workforce

To ensure the quality and efficacy of our pharmaceutical products.

Advanced Manufacturing Technology

To deliver high-quality pharmaceuticals while remaining at the forefront of industry innovation.


Our mission is to improve global healthcare by developing innovative pharmaceutical solutions that enhance patient well-being. We are dedicated to advancing medical science and delivering safe, effective, and accessible healthcare products.